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We have numerous natural and heritage resources available for audiovisual projects. Due to the characteristics of our territory, low population, interesting and historical industrial and patrimonial past, we can guarantee locations that are difficult to find in other territories.
Our 'time capsules' are unknown to the industry. The open air spaces that we offer are large areas where we guarantee safe and private filming.


A privileged province for stargazing and also spectacular sunset skies.
The geographical location, the altitude and the low population density favor clean skies, making them another lead of your production.
The weather is another determining factor, we have around 300 sunny days per year.


We are in the spanish NE. 190 km to Madrid, only 70 km to Zaragoza, 300 to Barcelona or 100 km to Valencia by road.
Road communications are excellent thanks to a highway that crosses our territory from north to south.
For air connectivity, we have the airports of Zaragoza, Valencia and Teruel. The latter has one of the most competitive services in Europe for private flights.



Teruel Film Commission has articulated a network of public services available for the productions that shoot in our locations, from agile procedures to obtain permits to a production hall.


A structure of film offices structures the territory to attend filming with maximum efficiency.


We can also coordinate the support of different types of public employees to facilitate production work in logistics, security, cleaning, etc.

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The province has a good number of service areas in the most populated areas, where you can find all kinds of tools for filming logistics.


We are reaching a good level of specialization in services and professionals for the industry who have already participated in shootings and who are available for your project.


Additionally, hotel beds and a wide gastronomic offer that is distributed throughout the territory and that will make your stay with us very pleasant.

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